Preparing for Continuous Delivery in an Enterprise Websphere Environment


Driven by market and customer pressure, best-in-class companies have implemented Continuous Delivery as a strategy to accelerate time-to-market, and leading organizations are looking to follow.

While many articles on the principles and processes of Continuous Delivery have been published, practical advice on how to approach and plan a Continuous Delivery implementation in an enterprise environment is hard to come by.

This white paper examines key challenges commonly encountered in an enterprise context when progressing towards Continuous Delivery. The ability to identify which challenges apply in your environment will help you define appropriate metrics and develop a suitable plan for a successful implementation of Continuous Delivery in your organization.

Learn how to:

  • Identify key challenges that might impede your initiative and provide solutions to overcome them.
  • Utilize Continuous Delivery methodology to deliver smaller incremental changes to your existing IBM WebSphere environment without sacrificing performance.
  • Meet enterprise-scale security and compliance guidelines
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