XebiaLabs for Amazon Web Services


Deliver complex applications to AWS and hybrid enterprise environments.


XL Deploy and XL Release can help you deliver better software on AWS if…

  • Your applications do not fit the simple deployment and release models used by AWS tools
  • You are deploying to private or other cloud environments in addition to AWS
  • You want to preserve the option to move to a different public cloud provider in the future

XL Deploy allows AWS users to deploy existing enterprise applications to on-demand, on-premise, and hybrid cloud environments across a broad array of platforms. It provides a standardized deployment interface to developers, as well as audit, security, compliance and reporting across all of your target platforms.

Getting software out the door to your users requires coordination of much more than application deployment. XL Release allows AWS users to define, execute and improve the entire delivery process of your applications, from development to production. It orchestrates the many AWS services you are using, coordinating application deployment, your internal approval process, and all the other manual and automated tasks that need to be executed outside of AWS before your apps go live.

XL Release, XL Deploy and AWS

  • Automatically deploy existing enterprise applications to complex multi-machine AWS environments using XL Deploy
  • Integrate with EC2, S3, CloudFormation, OpsWorks and more for easy AWS environment provisioning
  • Gain control of your entire application delivery process, including AWS environment provisioning and application deployment, using XL Release
  • XebiaLabs is one of a select few AWS DevOps Competency Partners, reflecting our knowledge and experience in this field

You're in good company.

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29 Feb
29 Feb


AWS CodePipeline

XebiaLabs' AWS CodePipeline plugin for XL Deploy can deploy applications as part of a CodePipeline release process.

Amazon, AWS, Codepipeline

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11 Mar
8 Mar


Amazon S3

The Amazon S3 plugin for XL Deploy can add and delete files and folders, and work with encrypted S3 buckets and AWS regions.

Amazon, AWS, S3

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11 Feb
16 Aug



XebiaLabs' Amazon EC2 plugin for XL Deploy allows you to provision and deploy to environments running in EC2 AMIs.

Amazon, AWS, EC2

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