Code Your Way to the Stratosphere

Launch your app to the cloud, using the tools you know and love

Your Path to AWS

XebiaLabs offers everything DevOps teams need to execute fast, repeatable, scalable deployments to the cloud.

Our DevOps as Code approach lets you define all the components you need for Release Orchestration, Deployment Automation, and pipeline visibility for cloud environments, in version-controlled code. Create cloud infrastructure, environments, release templates, dashboards, and more in YAML files, so you can send your apps straight to AWS and share the end-to-end delivery pipeline across your organization with ease.

All the Components You Need, in Code

  • An easy-to-read YAML-based syntax for defining cloud infrastructure, environments, release templates, dashboards, and more.
  • A fast, lightweight CLI that makes it easy to apply YAML files manually or as part of your Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines.
  • Blueprints that help you migrate to the cloud and promote best practices for automated testing, security and compliance, and provisioning and deployment across the enterprise.

Power Up with the Lightning-fast XL CLI

The fast, lightweight XebiaLabs CLI lets you apply YAML files that create cloud infrastructure, releases, dashboards, and more. Plus, CI tools like Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and Travis CI can invoke the XL CLI with a single command—no need to download and install a plugin—so it’s easy to apply YAML files, update your configuration data, and kick off release processes instantly from your CI pipelines.


Get Started in a Blink with Blueprints

Blueprints guide you through a process that automatically generates YAML files for your applications and infrastructure. The blueprint asks a few questions about your application and environment, and the XL CLI uses your answers to generate YAML files that define configuration items and releases, as well as special files that manage sensitive data such as passwords.

You can get started with XebiaLabs’ sample blueprints or build your own blueprints that embed corporate policies, security requirements, and best practices in code that you can share across the organization, so it’s easier to on-board teams to your DevOps toolchain and migrate applications to AWS.

Get Started with YAML Blueprint

Microservice Application on Amazon EKS

Deploy a sample microservice-based application on Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)

Monolithic Application on Amazon ECS

Deploy a sample monolithic application on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) using AWS Fargate

Data Lake Application on Amazon EC2

Deploy a sample Data Lake Solution on AWS EC2 using AWS CloudFormation

Bring Ops to Dev with AWS Service Catalog

AWS Service Catalog and XebiaLabs’ powerful Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation capabilities combine to make moving apps to the cloud easier than ever for enterprise teams. Service Catalog allows Operations teams to architect, create, and manage approved AWS services that Development teams can use––so Ops has a centralized way to manage permissions, corporate policies, and governance, while Dev gets access to curated cloud resources with unmatched simplicity, speed, and control.

Interested in AWS Service Catalog? Check out our AWS integration.

XebiaLabs for Amazon Web Services

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

The world’s only end-to-end DevOps toolchain orchestration and reporting platform is now available on the AWS Marketplace. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform allows you to release virtually any application to a hybrid or AWS environment quickly, flawlessly, and safely at enterprise scale.

Spin Up in the Cloud with AWS Quick Start

The XebiaLabs Quick Start is your one-stop shop for a secure, highly-available, Production-ready installation of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform running on AWS. Start your cloud journey with just a few clicks using your existing XebiaLabs license.