Continuous Delivery for Developers

Release code faster by orchestrating existing tools. Spend less time on brainless tasks. Write fewer scripts. And get fewer errors too.

Why can’t I just release my code?

You just finished coding a brilliant feature that customers have been begging for. Carefully crafted the design. Given it a spin on your machine and watched it fly. And you want to get it out there right away!

Not so fast. There are environments to request and configure… approvals to be sought… controls to be applied… testing to be done… scripts to update… benchmarks to measure. So many steps, so many departments, so many processes, so many scripts! You just want to release your code.

Now get self-service releases—and more

With XebiaLabs, no more waiting to release and no more hand-holding the release process through each painstaking step. Our Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation solutions tie together the tools and technologies already in your arsenal and define a repeatable Continuous Delivery pipeline.

  • Embrace the freedom to release your software quickly and efficiently.
  • Quickly see when something breaks so you can fix it immediately.
  • Automate repetitive tasks so you can spend your precious time on creative coding, not constantly maintaining outdated scripts or wasting time on mindless activities.

Best of all, get your code into Production and get user feedback quickly so you can focus on building features that delight your customers.

Release Orchestration & Deployment Automation from XebiaLabs

You already have a myriad of tools in your toolbox that work for you. But with so many tools, environments, processes, and such demand for speed, you need Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation to manage how it all works together. Streamline the steps in your release process with XebiaLabs.

Freedom to release your own software

Once you commit a change, XebiaLabs handles theRelease Orchestration and Deployment Automation steps so you don’t have to. Push releases without waiting for other teams to carry out tasks. Automate pipeline steps. Streamline approvals. Keep manual steps moving forward too. And don’t worry about all those important compliance steps and logs the Ops team wants. They’ll still happen. You just won’t have to do them.

Real-time release status for all

XebiaLabs gives everyone across the business up-to-date release information so they don’t have to call you repeatedly for status, and you don’t have to go to daily release meetings. It’s so simple even management can use it––so they’ll stay off your case and let you work.

No more perpetual script maintenance

Chances are you like to spend your time building shiny new features, not writing and maintaining code to release them. With XebiaLabs, processes are standardized, reusable, and our model automatically adapts whenever something changes. You don’t have to script each and every step, and you won’t get stuck in the bog of interminable script maintenance.

Early warnings and deep insight for sanity and stability

With configurable graphical dashboards, comprehensive metrics, and detailed reports, you’ll know immediately when something fails… or even when it’s likely to. Easily compare one release to previous ones to see if everything is on track. The result? Dependable releases and sane release processes. No more chaotic release weekends with all hands on deck. No more late-night emergencies because the production release failed. With the release intelligence provided by our tools, you can rest easy.

Automation that gives you more time for creativity

Automation is a core principle of Continuous Delivery––for good reason! Why spend your time on rote, repetitive tasks when the computer can do them for you? XebiaLabs automates Release Orchestration and deployment steps so they happen quickly and correctly every time, using the same tested template. Let us take care of the boring stuff that sucks your time and energy so you can do what you do best: design and create.

DTAP environments at the drop of a hat

Development, Test, Acceptance, Production… you need so many environments in each release cycle. With XebiaLabs, you can spin up, deploy to, and tear down environments as you need them. Configurations are already set––just let the automated process do its work. No waiting months for the environment you need, so you can feel comfortable tearing it right back down when you’re done. Stop wasting precious budget keeping environments alive just because it’s just too darned painful to get them created.

Agility: faster releases make faster access to the results

Get your work into Production pronto so you can see how users interact with new features. Armed with swift feedback, you can build what your customers want… and build your business’ bottom line.