Continuous Delivery

Deliver applications faster, more reliably, and with higher quality

Continuous Delivery can make or break an enterprise

What do manufacturers, telecoms, retailers, financial services, and airlines all have in common? They build software.

Delivering apps to reach customers is core to enterprise business models, but it’s typically not a core competency. Application delivery and deployment models have outpaced companies’ ability to adopt them. Enterprises that don’t employ a Continuous Delivery model will be surpassed by competitors that do. Continuous Delivery of high-quality apps that meet business needs can mean the difference between innovating and dying.

Innovate faster through a high-speed Continuous Delivery pipeline

The good news is you don’t have to be a software company to deliver like one. Successful software companies and enterprises alike employ a Continuous Delivery model. Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach that helps you produce software frequently and reliably at any time. Continuous Delivery radically removes waste from your software production process, enables faster delivery of high-quality functionality, and sets up a rapid and effective feedback loop between your business and your users. In a competitive economic environment, every organization should consider this game-changing approach.

XebiaLabs software makes it easy to create a Continuous Delivery pipeline. Building on existing skills and technology stacks, XebiaLabs unifies the software delivery pipeline and automates tasks. No more wondering where a particular release is within the process, if it failed, why and where improvements can be made. XebiaLabs offers visibility into every stage and task of the delivery pipeline. You can quickly make a change to your process, immediately see that change’s impact and iterate to improve. Everyone has access to the most updated information, in a dashboard that highlights the data most important to them.

Enterprise DevOps Is Hard | We Make It Easy

XebiaLabs brings intelligence, automation, visibility, and control to your Continuous Delivery process, helping you reduce release time from weeks and months to days or hours.

Before Continuous Delivery
  • Long delivery times
  • Large, monolithic releases
  • Lower quality, many production failures
  • No visibility into the process
  • Lack of controls
  • High risk
  • No automation
  • Lack of a standard process
  • Difficult to collaborate
After Continuous Delivery
  • Fast delivery times
  • Short release cycles
  • Higher quality, few failures and bottlenecks
  • Complete visibility into the process
  • Automated controls
  • Acceptable risk
  • Entirely automated
  • Standard, predictable process
  • Easy to collaborate

Move faster and improve quality with XebiaLabs

Orchestrate all the tools in your Continuous Delivery pipeline

Orchestrate the tools in your environment like Jenkins, Puppet, Git, Jira, and ServiceNow so you can accelerate the entire software release pipeline. Optimize your IT investments—let the tools in your Continuous Delivery pipeline do what they do best, in the right order, at the right time, by the right people, and enforce the dependencies you define, to create a unified process.

Enable collaboration between technical and business teams

Create a single source of updated release information that accommodates the needs of both technical and business teams. Customize status dashboards based on the data that’s important to your team. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform is easy to learn regardless of technical skill level, and teams of all kinds will see benefits immediately.

Automate release and deployment processes

Automate your software delivery and deployment processes without writing and maintaining miles of scripts. Orchestrate both manual and automated tasks across your existing Continuous Delivery pipeline to control your entire software release process.

Provide detailed visibility & real-time status for release pipelines

With XebiaLabs dashboards, you get real-time insight into every step of the software delivery pipeline. Easily see release status and bottlenecks across your pipelines and deployment status across applications and environments. Use detailed, real-time data about your process to make release decisions and continuously optimize. Release software faster… and prove it.

Enforce controls & ensure compliance requirements are met

Allow Operations to enforce controls without limiting your developers’ creative freedom. Standardize your process and ensure the right steps are taken at the right time in your release process, and that no steps are skipped. Automatically enforce the controls you need to ensure compliance, capture audit trails as part of everyday operation, reduce Production failures and security vulnerabilities, and mitigate software delivery risk across your pipeline.

Deliver reports & metrics to help you continuously improve

Measure performance of your Continuous Delivery pipeline based on the real-time data your team finds most critical. Use metrics to understand and optimize your process, make performance gains, and limit failures and bottlenecks. Find the areas in your process that need the most attention, automate and improve them at your own pace, and immediately know the impact of your changes.

Enable self-service for developers

Make the most of the tools already in your arsenal: define a repeatable Continuous Delivery pipeline to release software quickly and efficiently. Automate repetitive tasks and spend more time on creative coding instead of maintaining outdated scripts. Get your code into Production and get user feedback quickly, so you can create features with the most customer value.