Deployment Automation with XebiaLabs and Jenkins


“One-stop-shop” deployment: scale without scripting

  • Deploy complex releases at scale, more quickly and with fewer errors: deploy an increasing number of dependent applications to an ever-increasing number of target systems with only one Jenkins integration to configure, one package format to learn, one security model to manage, one place for all your deployment auditing, one repository for your environment configuration, and no succession of “Run this script” Jenkins jobs to manage.

Deploy to All Target Platforms with One Consistent Process

Whether you are just starting down the path to Continuous Integration (CI) or doing full Continuous Delivery (CD), you’ll be deploying your apps from Jenkins more and more. Integrating XebiaLabs Deployment Automation with Jenkins gives you one consistent way of packaging and deploying all your applications from Jenkins to all your target platforms––from your legacy enterprise apps running on on-prem middleware, to cloud, PaaS, Kubernetes, and beyond.

With XebiaLabs, you have complete control and you always know what’s running where. You can automate and scale your deployment process with a lot less hassle!

“So Why Not Just Use Jenkins for Deployment?”

If you have Jenkins do anything more than simple deployments, you have a lot to do manually…

  • Configuring and updating Jenkins jobs as your applications change
  • Managing the Jenkins application
  • Managing all of the plugins used by Jenkins when those plugins are updated, as well as when your Development teams need more delivery functionality
  • Spinning up, configuring, and managing enterprise cloud environments
  • Extracting data you need for auditing, security, and other reports
  • Managing complex application and environment dependencies between Jenkins jobs
  • Writing and maintaining custom scripts for those tasks for which there are no plugins
  • Managing container environments at scale and consistently configuring settings
  • Handling advanced deployment patterns such as blue/green, canary releases, and rolling releases

In Order to Deploy at Enterprise Scale, You Need…

A deployment model that executes a consistent process

Using XebiaLabs means that you can automate all your deployments from Jenkins in a consistent manner, without relying on an ever-growing set of scripts. You define the model once and the tool handles all of the complexity from there, giving you one consistent deployment process from Dev through to Production.

Real-time knowledge of what’s running where

With CI servers like Jenkins, it’s very difficult to quickly see what version of which application is running where. XebiaLabs gives you an instant view into what’s running in all your environments, from Dev, Test, and User Acceptance to Prod environments.

Reporting for auditing, security, and other compliance processes

XebiaLabs is designed to strike the balance of delivering applications faster, without losing the requirements for compliance, auditing, and security. All activity before, during, and after a deployment is captured, and is easily reportable either through the UI or from the appropriate log. Additionally, XebiaLabs provides a flexible reporting API for any custom reporting needs.

The ability to deploy different parts

CI servers are designed to run all steps in a build on one machine of a large pool of possible machines. That model does not work for enterprise deployments. Application deployments need parts of a build to run on multiple, specific machines. XebiaLabs is designed for precisely that.

Automated deployment rollbacks, dependency management, and more

As an added bonus, you’ll get automated rollback, automatic checks for––and deployment of––dependent apps and components, and more handy features designed to ensure fast, error-free deployments.

“With XebiaLabs we were able to automate the deployment process end-to-end. Deployments can be repeated more readily in other environments, and deployers do not have to spend so much time on administrative tasks.”

— Ronald Bosch, Group Manager, Air France-KLM


How Does XebiaLabs Deployment Automation Help Me?

  • Models, automates, and manages the deployment process, including both manual and automated steps
  • Automatically deploys applications to diverse, complex environments (Test, Staging/Pre-Prod and Production)
  • Enforces standard, repeatable process for deploying applications that helps meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Integrates with all existing tools and environments
  • Provides a dashboard with deployment analytics viewable by multiple teams
Deployment Automation