Deployment Automation

Deliver applications faster and more efficiently


As organizations look to ramp up their ability to deliver applications more and more quickly, unreliable deployments are an immediate bottleneck. Manual deployments based on outdated instructions, or semi-automated deployments using incomprehensible and unmaintainable scripting, are error-prone and time-consuming. Development and testing are stalled, causing frustration and delays.


XebiaLabs Deployment Automation allows you to take the deployment burden off your Operations teams and provide secure, self-service capabilities to developers and testers. Deploy, upgrade, and rollback complex applications and configuration at the click of a button, and hook up your deployment automation to Continuous Integration, environment provisioning, and testing tools to build out an automated delivery platform that allows developers, testers, and Operations to get on with what they need to do.

  • Deploy, upgrade and rollback applications and configuration automatically or at the click of a button
  • No more writing scripts or workflows for each application
  • Unique agentless architecture—no changes to target systems required


Fully automated deployments and rollback

Automate your application deployments, updates, and rollbacks without having to create a script or workflow for every single application. XebiaLabs’ unique agentless solutions allow you to get up and running quickly without having to install components on every single target system.

Out-of-the-box content for all major middleware

Avoid wasting valuable development cycles on creating or updating deployment scripting as new middleware versions are released. XebiaLabs’ solutions come with out-of-the-box deployment profiles for all major middleware stacks, which are automatically combined to full deployment plans. Let your teams focus on your non-standard applications rather than having to crank out scripts or workflows for every single app!

Free up your operations and middleware teams

XebiaLabs’ solutions are designed with extensibility in mind, so you can easily hook in legacy deployment scripting to help your teams get up and running quickly. Use the open plugin interfaces to add support for additional middleware and other deployment targets and join the worldwide XebiaLabs community of plugin contributors.

XebiaLabs Deployment Automation

With its agentless architecture and model-based approach, XebiaLabs Deployment Automation is the most advanced deployment automation tool available today, automating and standardizing complex deployments to any target environment. XebiaLabs:

  • Speeds up deployment time while greatly reducing errors and failed deployments
  • Enables self-service deployment for your teams while maintaining governance and control over the process
  • Enforces repeatable processes and ensures consistent environments for all your applications, making sure that all steps are followed and that only secure, approved libraries and components are used
  • Provides insight into the status of your applications and environments and tools and data you need to fix problems, fast
Deployment Automation