DevOps for Mainframes

Modernizing mainframe processes to meet fast-paced business demands

“The mainframe platform, and the code that runs on it, is essential to 96 of the world’s top 100 banks, 23 of the 25 top US retailers, and 9 out of 10 of the world’s largest insurance companies. These companies’ new business initiatives involve the mainframe 90% of the time. DevOps practices must include the mainframe to facilitate speed, quality, and productivity across all systems and teams.”
— Christopher O’Malley, President and CEO, Compuware

Business App = Mainframe + Distributed + Web + Mobile

Today’s enterprise business applications are comprised of multiple interrelated components running on mainframes, distributed environments, web, and mobile devices. Offering new products and services requires making a complex, coordinated set of changes across all of these systems. But IT struggles to update mainframe components with the same ease as distributed systems.

How can IT teams update all parts together to deliver an entire business-focused application?

Modernize the mainframe to stay competitive

It’s a huge challenge to coordinate and synchronize changes across disparate teams and multiple environments spanning mainframes, web, and mobile applications.

Marrying the mainframe with modern software delivery methods is key. The same DevOps practices that excel for contemporary applications are even more necessary to manage the complexity of mainframe releases. Without modern processes for both distributed and mainframe applications, IT can’t move quickly enough to meet business demands.

“Automating the mainframe application delivery pipeline reduces risk, cost, and complexity while improving responsiveness to changing customer needs.”
— Kurt Bittner and Robert Stroud
Digital Transformation Needs Mainframe DevOps, June 2016 Forrester Report

XebiaLabs extends DevOps benefits beyond modern apps and IT environments, applying them to mainframe environments and processes. Teams get the Continuous Delivery foundation they need to keep mainframe releases flowing smoothly, in synch with the rest of their environments and tools. Our DevOps platform visualizes software pipelines and orchestrates application delivery across any environment. Complex applications get to market at the speed––and with the quality––the business requires.


Bring DevOps to Mainframes with XebiaLabs

Orchestrate releases across all systems

Any application release is a combination of people, process, and tools. Release Orchestration with XebiaLabs ensures that changes are coordinated and managed across the myriad dependent parts that comprise a fully-functional application. The results are faster and more efficient releases, fewer Production failures, sane release windows, and happier teams.

Visualize your release pipelines

With clear, easy-to-configure dashboards, XebiaLabs visualizes release pipelines, offering visibility into every stage and task of the delivery pipeline across all tools and systems. Teams throughout the enterprise always have up-to-date status and get early warning when failures are imminent. It’s easy to run releases in parallel and keep everything synchronized.

Automate release and deployment processes

With so many complicated steps for mainframe releases, teams need automation in order to move quickly, ensure consistency, and maintain quality. XebiaLabs automates release and deployment processes, accelerating software delivery and ensuring the right steps happen at the right time. Crucial mainframe experts can focus on building software rather than manually executing complex release procedures.

Model, standardize, and document DevOps processes

In addition to providing automation, XebiaLabs models release processes, clearly showcasing each step, creating standardization, and ultimately reducing the burden on core mainframe personnel. Once processes are modeled, the model handles the complexity of any changes, making it easy to swap out deployment targets and migrate to new platforms without incident. Models also serve as clear documentation, so teams can clearly see what steps comprise a release. IT can ensure a consistent process––and consistent results––for each release.

Make smarter decisions with DevOps Intelligence

With the DevOps intelligence provided by XebiaLabs, teams get the insight and analytics they need to make data-driven decisions, improve DevOps processes, measure results, and celebrate accomplishments. Monitor benchmarks, find and fix process bottlenecks, and predict future behavior to create a smooth delivery process.

Meet compliance requirements and enforce controls

XebiaLabs automatically collects the release process data that is needed to meet compliance requirements. It also enforces required tasks while giving teams freedom to create their own workflows, making sure necessary steps execute at the right times and that appropriate approvals are captured.

Bring the benefits of Continuous Delivery to all teams

With application functionality shared between mainframes, distributed systems, and mobile platforms, a unified Continuous Delivery process for all application types is critical to having a truly automated, standardized, and well-orchestrated release. XebiaLabs will help you get there.