What is DevOps Intelligence?

Turn data from your software delivery process into actionable insight

Regardless of their trade, most enterprises today rely on software to power their businesses. Many have turned to software development, operations and DevOps tools to automate various aspects of the software delivery process. DevOps Intelligence connects all of the tools and data from your software delivery process, providing end-to-end visibility and actionable insight for better, faster and more customer-focused software delivery.

DevOps Intelligence

True DevOps Intelligence spans time to provide the deepest actionable insight into your software delivery process. You’ll get the best DevOps results by combining detailed metrics on past activity, real-time visibility into present status, and insightful analytics that give early warning of problems and predict future performance.


What happened in each of our releases? What steps failed? Were releases on time? Who did what and when?


Is our release velocity improving? Where are we getting stuck or slowing down?


What features are included in a particular release or in our portfolio of releases?


What is the real-time status of our releases? What issues are open? Are we on track?


What risks may affect our releases (security, compliance, timing, etc.)? Are we following necessary processes?


Were the release goals met? How are features being adopted and performing? How is one release comparing to others?


What‘s the potential impact of a change? Where might we anticipate problems in future releases?

XebiaLabs - The Platform for DevOps Intelligence

Enterprise DevOps demands an overarching framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline from end to end. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform connects all your DevOps tools and allows you to orchestrate and automate the entire software delivery and deployment process. Now for the first time, you can get visibility and actionable intelligence across all of the tools in your software delivery lifecycle.

DevOps Intelligence: Providing the intelligence and insight companies need to deliver software more efficiently, with less risk, and with better results

Software Delivery Intelligence for All

Designed for technical and non-technical users alike, XebiaLabs’ powerful visual UI lets you share data with teams across the business. Your developers, operations staff, release engineers and business unit managers can all easily collaborate to deliver software releases in a defined, predictable and repeatable way. Empower everyone to make impactful decisions based on real-time information!

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