Software to bridge the gap between Dev & Ops

Developer freedom. Ops control.

Bridging development and operations to deliver software isn’t easy. Developers want freedom to innovate. Operations teams want to mitigate risk. Together, Development and Operations are tasked with building and releasing software fast, predictably, with high quality, securely, efficiently, and more. For them, DevOps is the promised land.

Using DevOps tools like Puppet, Chef, and Jenkins to automate specific software development tasks is only the first step in a DevOps approach. Each tool solves distinct point problems. But, not any one manages and automates the entire software delivery process. How do you make the most of your favorite tools to deliver on the DevOps doctrine?

Enterprise DevOps Process

Unify all your DevOps tools

An Enterprise DevOps approach calls for a framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform unifies all your DevOps tools into a single interface, where you can orchestrate, and automate the entire software delivery and deployment process. Your developers, operations, release engineers, and managers can collaborate to deliver software releases in a defined, predictable, and repeatable way.

Software releases that took months, now take weeks. Tasks that took days, take hours or minutes. And we can prove it.