Continuous Delivery for Financial Services

Get the visibility and control you need to release software fast...and stay competitive


Financial Services companies have some of the most complex and stringent software development processes in the world. Yet you have to keep moving ever faster to survive.

Unlike startups, you have DevOps considerations at enterprise scale: legacy and new application platforms, regulatory requirements, security and more. How can you possibly keep up?


Now you can improve software quality, reduce risk, and respond to customer needs more quickly... all while meeting industry requirements for governance, compliance, and security.

  • Automate release and deployment processes
  • Rapidly meet demands for all channels... from brick and mortar to mobile
  • Migrate to public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures... or any platform
  • Ensure compliance and auditability
  • Secure your release pipeline, and enforce controls in the process

XebiaLabs software helps the world's leading financial institutions deliver software

Why Financial Services companies choose XebiaLabs

  • Agentless architecture with Satellite feature
  • Model-based, highly scalable approach
  • Extensive plugin coverage and easy out-of-the-box integrations
  • Excellent ease of use for entire team, not just the techies
  • Demonstrated fast time to value: build on existing processes and technology at your own pace
The XebiaLabs Platform
XL Release
XL Deploy
XL Impact
Case Study
7 Jun
17 Aug

Case Study


How Rabobank Eliminated 99% of Release Errors

Find out how Rabobank, one of the 30 largest financial institutions in the world, accelerated time-to-market from weeks to hours.

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On-Demand Webinar
25 Jul
25 Jun

On-Demand Webinar

How One of the 15 Safest Banks in the World Outcompetes the Tech Disruptors

How Rabobank has transformed its software delivery

Hear from Sander Ettema, Manager, Linux Infrastructure Services at Rabobank and Andrew Phillips, VP of Products for XebiaLabs as they examine how Rabobank…

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"XL Deploy from XebiaLabs enables us to deploy our applications more often, more reliably and more predictably. It helps us to significantly improve our time to market in multiple critical areas. "

- Rene Steenvoorden, CIO, Rabobank

More Information

On-Demand Webinar
7 Oct
15 Sep

On-Demand Webinar

Building a Compelling Business Case for Continuous Delivery

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White Paper

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2 Sep

Blog Post

How Our Customer FINRA Does 6,000 Production Deployments A Year


By any stretch of the IT imagination or CD pipeline best-case scenario, pumping out 6,000 production deployments each year is mightily impressi...

By any stretch of the IT imagination or CD pipeline best-case scenario, pumping out 6,000 production deployments each year is mightily impressive. That…

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