Enterprise DevOps for Insurance

Deliver software faster while meeting compliance requirements

Scaling DevOps for large insurance organizations

Insurance organizations around the world are looking to accelerate and standardize software delivery processes so they can remain competitive, and they are turning to DevOps principles to meet these goals. But implementing a DevOps strategy at enterprise scale is no easy accomplishment, especially for highly-regulated industries. Streamlining release processes while maintaining compliance is a top concern.

“I wanted to provide a single system of record of what happens from the minute we request a deployment until the minute it is completed––all in a repeatable way with visibility, control, and proper record keeping. With XebiaLabs, we have introduced a highly visible, zero-touch process that is fully traceable and auditable.

If you’re looking to improve, accelerate and streamline your end-to-end software delivery, and enforce compliance requirements in a repeatable, auditable process, you want XebiaLabs.”

– Vito Iannuzzelli, Assistant VP of IT, NJM Insurance Group


XebiaLabs’ solutions offer DevOps and Application teams a way to finally integrate the management and execution of releases and provide a path to fully automated delivery pipelines and faster delivery of software.

  • Allow all involved teams to plan, track, and execute releases from a single interface.
  • Include both manual and automated tasks so your teams can start running your existing release plans in minutes.
  • Identify inefficient and error-prone stages in your release flow to ensure process improvements and automation deliver the biggest possible benefit.

“Now that we have all the controls with XebiaLabs, we have very few errors. We don’t even think about deployments. They just happen.”

– Rune Hellem, Senior Operations Officer, KLP


Application Release Automation for insurance

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform automates and streamlines release and deployment processes so insurance institutions can effectively implement DevOps—at scale and in full compliance. XebiaLabs increases visibility into the entire software release process, increases deployment agility, and automatically captures audit logs about every change in your process. It enforces standardization and control across the software release pipeline. Automating releases and deploying software—while maintaining compliance—have never been easier.

XebiaLabs provides essential release orchestration for insurance organizations that want to realize the benefits of compliant DevOps, at scale.

Software release processes are lengthy and detailed. Strict compliance regulations faced by insurance organizations add to release complexity. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform lets you automate, orchestrate, and get visibility into your release pipelines, at enterprise scale. Team members across the organization, both technical and non-technical, can get real-time release status as well as detailed reports and analysis. XebiaLabs brings DevOps Intelligence to your release pipeline processes by enabling you to capture metrics, spot bottlenecks, and identify imminent errors before they even occur. Make informed decisions and dynamically modify releases in an auditable manner. Take control over your entire release process, from Development to go-live software release, and meet compliance regulations with ease.

release-orchestration - end-to-end-release-dashboards.png
Deployment Automation

Get crucial automation and standardization for software deployments… and all the data you need to meet audit requirements too.

Accelerate deployments while greatly reducing errors and failed deployments. With the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, the most advanced Deployment Automation available, automate and standardize your deployments across all environments. Gain visibility into the deployment status of all your applications no matter where they live. XebiaLabs also enables developer self-service deployments in a repeatable, auditable manner while maintaining full governance and control over the deployment process. In the event that there is an error, XebiaLabs offers one-click, automated rollback to a previous version, ensuring quick time-to-resolution. In addition, since the XebiaLabs architecture is agentless and many tasks can be automated, you reduce the number of people who need access to secure systems.

Scale your DevOps initiatives with XebiaLabs… and simplify compliance

Accelerate software delivery by automating release and deployment processes

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform automates and orchestrates steps across your release pipeline to accelerate software delivery. Use our model-based, highly scalable approach to easily make changes and propagate them to all environments. Reduce time spent manually scripting and spend more time innovating. Speed up feature delivery to customers while greatly reducing errors and failed deployments.

Easily meet compliance requirements, simplify audits, and enforce controls

XebiaLabs ensures that core release processes are followed, automatically capturing detailed logs of all activities in your release and deployment processes. You can easily show who did what, when, and that the required steps were taken. Integration with Active Directory enables role-based authentication, so you can enforce process controls and ensure the right access for the right people… across all teams in the enterprise. Granular control restricts both task and system access to only the people who need it.

Model, standardize, and document DevOps processes

Automating your release and deployment processes with XebiaLabs ensures the same consistent steps are followed every time. Model diverse processes using reusable release and deployment templates that map and standardize your process. All changes are captured dynamically and documented.

Increase visibility into your software release pipeline

Monitor your entire release pipeline to get a clear view and up-to-date status information across tools and systems, from code to Production. Easily see release and deployment status across teams, applications, and environments. With XebiaLabs’ end-to-end release dashboards, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is on track.

Reduce software release risk

Make failed software delivery a thing of the past. XebiaLabs automates software release processes, reducing risk by standardizing processes and reducing human error. Real-time visibility and built-in release risk warnings help you keep releases on track and on time. Extensive reporting and data analytics capabilities allow you to make data-driven decisions. Gather metrics that highlight process bottlenecks so you can optimize your releases. Combine visibility, automation, and control to deliver software faster with less risk.

Get cross-team collaboration for both technical and non-technical users

Take the stress out of team communications when releasing and deploying software. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform introduces a friendly UI that works for both business users and highly technical users alike, giving everyone the up-to-date information they need to work together in a clear, easy-to-use format.