Connect Jenkins to Other Teams in the Software Delivery Pipeline


DevOps for Everyone

  • Easily connect Jenkins to all teams in the release pipeline
  • Connect all your Jenkins pipelines to your full release pipelines, and see the dependencies
  • Enforce compliance, support audits, and deal with all that other enterprise red tape, without manual work and interruptions
  • Self-service deploy your code to Production, on any platform, super-fast

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform makes Jenkins accessible to everyone in your organization and connects Jenkins to all of the tools in your DevOps pipeline. Get compliance without extra work, and streamlined self-service deployments, all the way to Production.

Bring Jenkins to Other Teams in the Software Delivery Pipeline

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform opens up Jenkins to all the teams in your business. You get a single pane of glass that provides visibility not only into Jenkins, but into Jenkins data in the context of the complete DevOps pipeline, from Dev to Test to Staging to Production. Users across the business can instantly see feature status and bottlenecks, even when complex dependencies are involved. “DevOps as Code”capabilities allow developers to control XebiaLabs pipelines through the CLI, and less technical team members can view and modify release activities using the easy-to-use XebiaLabs GUI.

For developers, XebiaLabs is a huge time-saver: release managers who need status can get a crystal-clear picture of the release themselves, so developers can write code without constant interruptions.

Orchestrate Code-to-Production Release Flows for Jenkins Pipelines Together with All Other DevOps Tools

XebiaLabs makes it easy to coordinate feature delivery from code to Production, across multiple dynamic pipelines, processes, and tools. Designed to orchestrate both manual and automated tasks, the platform automatically accounts for necessary re-work, failed tests, dependencies, scope changes, and time shifts, across all tools; even syncing issue tracking and ITSM tickets with the latest release flow.

For example, if a test fails, the code can automatically go back to the developer, with instant updates to Jira and ServiceNow, and automatic testing triggered once it’s ready again. It’s easy to manage and report on your complete DevOps pipeline: import your running Jenkins pipelines directly into XebiaLabs and get integrated status of all Jenkins pipelines together with all tools involved in your release… and quickly push code all the way to Production.

Compliance, Chain of Custody, and Audit Support without the Hassle

Would you rather talk to the API or the audit team? Let red tape take care of itself with the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform. Automate compliance steps and capture the chain of custody from build all the way to release. Meet regulatory requirements with significantly less manual work. Remove delays to Production due to compliance issues.

XebiaLabs provides developers as much freedom as possible while enforcing necessary controls, executing required steps, and making sure compliance and security checks and approvals take place. The platform automatically captures the data needed for compliance and provides clear visibility for all, including audit, compliance, and security teams… without extra manual work.

deployment execution plan

Self-service Deployments to Anywhere, Faster Deployments Everywhere

Ready to deploy your code? No need to think about it, wait for it, code the steps, or chase people down. The whole process can be automated from code to Production with XebiaLabs—even the compliance and security steps—so you have a faster and more direct path to Production.

When you push your code, it automatically flows through the pipeline to Production, with all necessary steps executed along the way. Even better, you can easily and automatically provision and deploy to any environment, from containers to mainframes to mobile, with rollbacks and an audit trail built in––no need to script and re-script every step.

Extending Jenkins for Enterprise DevOps

  • Jenkins pipelines connected to everyone in the business
  • Enterprise release orchestration for Jenkins
  • Automated compliance and audit tracking
  • Self-service, automated deployments to anywhere
  • Jenkins Pipeline Radar
  • Blueprints that connect Jenkins to DevOps pipelines
  • Risk scoring for Jenkins pipelines
  • Pipeline analysis and KPIs for Jenkins

Release Orchestration for Jenkins

Orchestrate the full release pipeline across technical and business teams, managing automated and manual steps.

Deployment Automation for Jenkins

Automate and standardize complex deployments in cloud, container, and legacy environments.

XebiaLabs automates the entire software release pipeline and gives everyone a single source of truth for up-to-date release status. Spend your time on your code, not playing tug-of-war with your release manager, digging through log files for compliance data, or manually scripting deployment tasks that differ for every environment.
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