XebiaLabs for Microservices

Helping enterprises manage complex pipelines and deployments

Microservices are challenging at enterprise scale

Adopting a microservices architecture for your applications creates exciting opportunities for your teams… but developing, deploying, and managing microservices at enterprise scale is far from simple.

Microservices enable applications to be built from simple, usually small, components, and a single microservice is easy to develop and deploy. But when hundreds or thousands need to be deployed to make an application work, teams working with traditional release processes and tools can no longer manage all the dependencies, even at traditional delivery speeds. Forget keeping up with faster delivery speeds that the business demands to remain competitive!

Release Orchestration & Deployment Automation bring order to chaos

To reap the benefits of microservices at scale while also reducing application delivery cycle times and improving quality, organizations need smarter automation, better visibility, and standard controls applied across all services. XebiaLabs’ Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation solutions give you the sophisticated, easy-to-use tools that enterprises need to be successful with microservices.

Satisfy governance, compliance, and audit demands, painlessly

Manually tracking compliance data for microservices architectures overtaxes the resources of even the most mature organizations: it’s just not possible. XebiaLabs tools automate compliance and security procedures and make sure they are “baked in” to the release process. They automatically keep track of who did what, to what, when, and approved by whom, so audit requirements can be easily met. Even better, XebiaLabs tools capture metrics and produce reports you can use to continuously improve your process.

Manage the complex relationships between microservices

Building applications from small, independent components makes applications easier to develop and evolve, but more moving parts means more to track––both the components themselves and the relationships between components. XebiaLabs tools manage dependencies and provide you with visibility into the release and deployment status of each microservice, so you have a single view into the entire ecosystem. Even when you deliver at rapid release cycles, our tools enforce dependencies and prevent deployment conflicts that slow releases and destabilize applications.

Automate and manage numerous pipelines

One benefit of microservices is that each one can be developed and delivered independently of all others. The downside is that each also has its own development and release lifecycle, as well as its own release pipeline. The complexity of developing, testing, and deploying the right versions of each service goes up exponentially as you scale. XebiaLabs tools coordinate across component delivery pipelines, ensuring consistency and control while still allowing manual steps when you need them.

Deploy anywhere, and always know what service is where

Our tools decouple the deployment processes from tools and environments, and ensure repeatable deployment processes that can extend to new services. You will always know you have the latest information on what is deployed where. And regardless of what tools you use and where you choose to deploy––cloud, on-premise, container, mainframe, or a combination––XebiaLabs ensures you can release and deploy with confidence.

Release Orchestration and Microservices

XebiaLabs Release Orchestration lets you automate, orchestrate, and get visibility into your interdependent microservice release pipelines from a single interface. It gives your team visual status dashboards so you can easily see pipeline status, capture metrics, and run reports on every microservice in your organization. XebiaLabs will enforce the procedures you need for compliance and capture all of the necessary data for audits. You can easily define and run coordinated delivery processes for complex microservice scenarios, using a combination of manual and automated steps. And XebiaLabs’ release templates are designed to handle decoupled release trains, coordinated master and subreleases, and other advanced release patterns.

release-orchestration - end-to-end-release-dashboards.png
Deployment Automation

Deployment Automation and Microservices

With its model-based, highly scalable approach, XebiaLabs Deployment Automation is the most advanced deployment automation tool available today, automating and standardizing complex deployments to any target environment. It lets you describe all services and their dependencies once, and then automatically tracks and enforces dependencies between all components. This approach reduces Production incidents and deployment failures by catching problems before they occur, saving your team countless hours of wasted effort and frustration.

  • Automatically verify dependencies between services before deployment
  • Automatically deploy missing dependencies
  • Easily visualize which versions of which services are running in your environments
  • Automatically roll back on error


XebiaLabs’ unique agentless architecture lets you create automated microservice deployments without installing components on target systems, and it is delivered out-of-the-box with deployment profiles for all major middleware stacks.