Advanced Pipeline Orchestration with XebiaLabs and Jenkins


“Management-friendly” Continuous Delivery

  • Visualize and improve your software delivery process: enhance Jenkins’ well-recognized automation of technical steps with the process visibility, approval steps, and reporting detail that management requires.
  • Orchestrate the entire delivery process: expand beyond Jenkins automation to include all of the steps in your end-to-end software lifecycle, such as Release Management, Change Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Issue Tracking, and ITSM. Organize and execute all of the manual steps as well!
  • Make your release status visible to everyone with clear dashboards and reporting APIs… without scripting, huge spreadsheets, or daily meetings.
  • Promote team collaboration with a Continuous Delivery Management user interface that is friendly and usable by everyone––from automation gurus to upper management.

Extending Jenkins for Continuous Delivery

We all know Jenkins is a brilliant tool for Continuous Integration. It excels at automating the technical steps involved in developing, building, and testing applications. As your Continuous Integration (CI) process matures and you look to expand to Continuous Delivery (CD), you need to look at orchestrating the entire release process from end-to-end.

XebiaLabs Release Orchestration builds on the CI-focused automation of Jenkins to add the equally important process integration side. Delivering an application from Development environments to customer-facing environments is complex. Continuous Delivery needs to encompass your company’s Change, Release, and Project Management policies and processes… and this is where management-oriented dashboards, team analytics, and reporting APIs are critical.

“If you’re looking to improve, accelerate, and streamline your end-to-end software delivery, and enforce compliance requirements in a repeatable, auditable process, you want XebiaLabs.”

– Vito Iannuzzelli, Assistant VP of IT, NJM Insurance Group


Define Your End-to-end Process in 30 Minutes, Not 30 Hours… and Version this Process to Ensure Repeatability

  • Visualize and share release status in clean, clear, configurable dashboards
  • Tweak running releases––while maintaining enterprise-class security and auditing––to understand where “reality gets in the way of the plan”
  • Continue to transform your organization with data-driven improvement: use metrics and analytics to see bottlenecks and speed up your pipelines
  • Easily create custom extensions without learning complex integrations
release-orchestration - end-to-end-release-dashboards.png

Continuous Delivery is Not Just “A Few More Jobs in my CI Server”

Jenkins implementations are typically focused on the technical part of your application delivery: building code, spinning up servers, executing simple deployment patterns, running tests, and so on. And if you’re lucky enough to be working in an environment where that’s all you need to do––at a relatively small scale––Jenkins will probably work just fine.

You will find XebiaLabs Release Orchestration particularly valuable in combination with Jenkins when you consider the “process-level” requirements of your Continuous Delivery pipeline:


Automate the entire release pipeline

Finally, you can automate the entire release pipeline as it grows in complexity––without scripting. XebiaLabs helps you establish a standardized, repeatable process, and it supports complex delivery patterns such as release trains. It integrates seamlessly with your Jenkins jobs, so you can best use Jenkins for the technical automation it is designed for.

Present out-of-the-box reports

Send reports to everyone who’s “away from the metal,” such as your release managers, project managers, and business counterparts.

Improve processes with powerful analytics

Get the powerful analytics you need to improve your processes using a simple reporting API: no proprietary languages or scripts required.

Integrate with other tools

Integrate with service, change and incident management systems, document management systems, or project and program management products… not just build and test tools.

Meet compliance and audit requirements

XebiaLabs automatically provides security and audit trails for all changes to pipeline definitions and running releases to ensure you meet compliance and audit requirements for the entire process.

Manage the pipeline in a way that’s usable by members of all teams

XebiaLabs provides an easy to use interface for Dev, QA, DBAs, release managers, and other business users, not just automation gurus.