DevSecOps for Continuous Delivery

Bring DevOps and Security together to enforce security and risk management best practices

How can you release great software fast… without skimping on security?

DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices lead to increased automation and accelerated releases, but the teams driving these initiatives often fail to bring Security and Risk Management teams to the table early enough. And for good reason: it’s quite the challenge to bring these teams in, carry out all the necessary steps, and still meet deadlines. The typical result is a potential for security holes in the release process and a future struggle when security controls are introduced.

But if you ignore the security side of software release and deployment, you could lose everything from your customers’ trust to your intellectual property.

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XebiaLabs for Enterprise Security

To ensure security steps become an immutable, trackable part of the process without getting in the way, enterprise IT teams rely on the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform to manage, automate, and control the complete application delivery pipeline.

  • You’ll gain visibility into the status of every software component at any time, and audit trails are automatically captured.
  • With XebiaLabs, you can “left-shift” security and risk mitigation processes so they start early in the pipeline, where it’s cheaper and easier to fix any problems that are found.
  • Armed with audit trails, reports, and full visibility into both development changes and status of your environments, you’ll be able to respond quickly and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).
  • As you release more often and more quickly, you’ll need a platform like XebiaLabs to manage your delivery pipelines and integrate security steps as a key part of the release process.

Release Orchestration Builds Security into the Process

XebiaLabs Release Orchestration lets you automate, orchestrate, and get visibility into your release pipelines at enterprise scale. You can easily define and run delivery pipelines for high security and full compliance scenarios, with built-in security checks and automatic audit logging.

XebiaLabs enables you to create a standardized process that includes security steps and ensures that they can’t be skipped. You can build code quality evaluation into the release process with tools such as Fortify, SonarQube, Sonatype, and Black Duck, and take action if application code does not meet security standards.

Plus, XebiaLabs provides complete visibility for everyone who’s involved in the release process, so Security and Risk Management teams can stay up-to-date and fully informed on release status.

Deployment Automation Promotes Consistency

XebiaLabs Deployment Automation standardizes complex deployments to any target environment—from cloud and containers to middleware and mainframes. XebiaLabs’ agentless architecture and declarative, model-based approach speeds up deployment time while greatly reducing errors and failed deployments.

With XebiaLabs, you can enable self-service deployments for teams across the enterprise while maintaining governance and control over the release and deployment process. You can enforce repeatable processes that ensure teams follow the right deployment and only use secure, approved libraries and components.

Deployment Automation
Goal Based DevOps KPIs

DevOps Intelligence Helps You Identify Trends and Take Action to Improve

XebiaLabs DevOps Intelligence enables you to optimize software delivery with goal-based DevOps KPIs that show the impact of your DevOps initiatives. XebiaLabs analyzes your software delivery pipelines and highlights trends and anomalies, so you can address problems before they become failures.

With XebiaLabs, you can spot potential security issues early in the process and stop them before they make it to Production. You can predict security risks and make data-driven decisions about process improvements that will have the greatest impact.

Enhance Release Pipeline Security with XebiaLabs

Collaborate on security across the enterprise

Bring Development, Operations, and Security teams together in a code-to-Production pipeline that takes everyone’s needs into account. “Left-shift” security processes to include Dev and Ops, and ensure that Security and Risk Management teams have full visibility into release and deployment processes. Users from all parts of the business—even non-technical ones—can collaborate, get up-to-date status and risk assessment information, and make data-driven decisions.

Ensure a standardized, controlled security process

Create proven, reliable, repeatable pipelines that incorporate security testing, verification, and control. With standardized release and deployment processes, you can be confident that all security-related activities will be completed and that your software will ultimately be more secure.

Build manual and automatic quality checks into the release process

Build security testing into each step in the software delivery pipeline. Thanks to integration with code analysis tools, you can automatically check application code during the release process and take action if quality checks fail. It’s also easy to set up quality gates and approval checkpoints throughout your release pipelines.

Enforce role-based access control

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform has role-based access control that provides granular permissions for all release and deployment tasks. Integration with LDAP, Active Directory, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication solutions makes managing users and permissions easy.

Centralize management of infrastructure and environments

XebiaLabs gives you a single place to manage infrastructure and environment configuration data, so you can more easily control access to target systems. As you automate more and more release and deployment tasks, you can reduce the number of people who need access to secure systems.

Rely on an automatic audit trail

Automatically collect and maintain evidence for audits and present it with ease in a single system of record for the end-to-end release process. XebiaLabs logs who did what and when, at every step in the software delivery pipeline.

XebiaLabs DevOps Platform

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides the intelligence, automation, and control that technical and business teams need for Continuous Delivery at enterprise scale. It’s the backbone for comprehensive Release Orchestration, managing your end-to-end DevOps toolchain and delivering full visibility into the entire software delivery process.