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Easy access to public cloud technologies and ready-to-go infrastructures foster a common misconception: moving to the cloud will not only provide more flexible and scalable infrastructure at a lower cost, but it will also accelerate the delivery of applications to the customer. In reality however, moving to the cloud is just one step in that journey.

Implementing software delivery in the public, private or hybrid cloud requires an application delivery and release strategy that is efficient, safe, and can scale across the enterprise. It needs enterprise Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation capabilities to address the organizational and technical complexity of software delivery pipelines across Dev, Test, Staging, and Production environments. It needs to account for governance, compliance, and security requirements. And it needs to foster collaboration across both technical and non-technical teams.

Moving Your Apps to the Cloud? Essential Considerations

As you migrate your applications to the cloud, how do you… ?

  • Move applications to the cloud efficiently
  • Deploy thousands of applications to cloud environments in a repeatable and secure way
  • Standardize hybrid deployments from cloud to containers to mainframe
  • Keep scripting under control and effectively manage cloud configurations
  • Ensure compliance and security procedures are followed

Create a single source of truth for apps and configuration data

Avoid vendor lock-in by centralizing application and configuration data, so you can more easily change providers and still have consistent, repeatable deployments after the switch.

Moving to the Cloud Is Hard | We Make It Easy

Cloud Challenges

Complicated configuration & slow spin-up

Configuration is complicated and leads to “script spaghetti”
A Production-ready cloud instance requires trial-and-error manual configuration that is hard to manage across environments, which requires teams to write and maintain extensive and non-standard scripts to fill the gaps.

Provisioning cloud infrastructure can be slow
Manual processes and approvals can mean days or months to get a cloud-based instance up and running, which makes it impractical for environments with fast turnaround (such as on-demand test environments).

Expensive & plagued by “lock-in”

Costs can be high and hard to manage
It’s hard to predict the infrastructure and bandwidth that you’ll need in the future; and pay-as-you-go charges can add up faster than you realize if you’re not closely monitoring them and taking action.

Switching providers is difficult
Cloud-based instances cannot simply be ported from one provider to another—changing vendors means setting everything up again, from scratch… and potential downtime of your applications.

Security and compliance considerations

Security is more important than ever
Moving to the cloud can introduce security concerns; how can you be sure that all of your cloud-based environments are hardened against hacks?

You have compliance requirements to meet
Whether you’re deploying applications on-premises or in the cloud, you need to be ready to meet compliance requirements and provide process data to auditors.

XebiaLabs Solutions

Simplification, standardization, & speed

Manage configuration centrally and avoid scripting
Eliminate scripting, reduce duplicate work, and promote configuration reuse by standardizing processes and centralizing complex configuration data across environments and across cloud providers.

Allow teams to request cloud instances on-demand
Enable Development teams to automatically request cloud instances as part of their CI/CD pipelines and spin up instances in parallel to save time.

Monitor, manage, & move at will

Automatically monitor cloud usage and de-provision instances
Get visibility into the frequency and duration of deployments to the cloud through detailed reports, and automatically de-provision unused cloud instances to ensure you only pay for what you’re actively using.

Create a single source of truth for apps and configuration data
Avoid vendor lock-in by centralizing application and configuration data, so you can more easily change providers and still have consistent, repeatable deployments after the switch.

Maintain enterprise control

Bake security into the software delivery process
Combine automated and manual security checks for powerful control over cloud configurations, and take advantage of role-based access control to prevent unauthorized releases to sensitive environments.

Automatically collect governance details
Automatically collect compliance and audit data as part of the software delivery process, with full visibility for everyone involved.

Use the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform to Move Smoothly to the Cloud

Deploy any app, anywhere: cloud, hybrid, or on-premise. XebiaLabs orchestrates the software release and deployment process, no matter what you’re deploying where—without manual scripting. It simplifies hybrid deployments and enables you to migrate to new platforms and technologies. Use it to ensure that releases are repeatable, secure, compliant, and auditable—whether you’re using cloud, containers, or both.

Migrate applications from legacy platforms to the cloud

With XebiaLabs, you can standardize and automate the process of releasing software on legacy platforms, and then leverage those efforts to migrate smoothly to the cloud, knowing that your release and deployment processes are repeatable and error-free.

Orchestrate both manual and automated pipeline steps

Manage both manual and automated steps in your release pipeline, and streamline it from end to end. XebiaLabs is designed for both the technical and organizational parts of your release process, so it’s easy for both technical and business stakeholders to collaborate on the process.

Configure complex cloud environments

A Production-ready cloud instance requires you to set up network interfaces, public IP addresses, network security groups, virtual networks, security rules, subnets, route tables… and potentially more. You also have to configure security, and insufficient security opens you up to risk. And how do you ensure that configuration is consistent across many cloud-based instances? XebiaLabs centralizes configuration data to reduce duplicate work and promote reuse of the right cloud configurations.

Centralize and standardize configurations, avoid vendor lock-in

XebiaLabs centralizes and standardizes configurations for different cloud vendors and environments. It automatically manages configuration differences across environments using placeholders and dictionaries. By using XebiaLabs to map and abstract cloud configurations, you can immediately deploy the same applications on clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google… and avoid vendor lock-in.

Manage cloud deployments at scale

XebiaLabs’ model-based release and deployment automation means you can scale up and deploy hundreds of applications to the cloud, thousands of times per month. Cloud deployments become highly efficient and highly scalable, with no need for teams to update deployment scripts or write new ones.

Manage your dependencies between your applications

Stay on top of hundreds of cloud instances by centralizing dependency management and automatically building dependencies into release and deployment processes.

Build cloud provisioning into the release pipeline

Harness the power of the cloud by allowing development teams to spin up cloud instances quickly and easily as part of their release pipelines. Control cloud usage and save money by automatically de-provisioning instances that are no longer in use.

Automate security, compliance, and auditability

With XebiaLabs, compliance data and an audit trail are always automatically collected as part of the application release process. Bring compliance teams into the process by providing full visibility into release pipelines. And ensure that release and deployment permissions are always in place with role-based access control.

Gain visibility across applications and technologies

XebiaLabs gives you full visibility into the software delivery process by providing status information and reporting across your complete pipeline, for all of your applications and technologies. See how your cloud deployments are running now, and analyze past data to look for bottlenecks and areas of risk.

“A large and complex organization like KeyBank with several hundred applications requires security, governance, and traceability for all its application releases. Moreover, organizations that are striving to remove bottlenecks and meet the speed of the business need a powerful and simple means to execute each release. XebiaLabs has provided us a platform that can automate even our most complex software applications quickly and reliably.”

– John Rzeszotarski, SVP, Director of Continuous Delivery and Feedback, KeyBank