XebiaLabs for Amazon Web Services

Accelerate application migration to the cloud


Organizations in every industry, from finance to manufacturing to healthcare, are embracing the cloud—and many choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) for computing power, storage resources, or container scaling to run their software in the cloud.

As an Advanced Technology Partner for DevOps Competency, XebiaLabs offers unique expertise in helping enterprises maximize the benefits of running their applications on AWS.

The Challenge: Moving Enterprise Applications to the Cloud at Scale

AWS offers access to flexible, scalable cloud-based infrastructure at lower cost. But running enterprise applications in the cloud is only one piece of the puzzle. Development teams also have to consider:

  • How can we deploy application code efficiently and easily to AWS resources without manual work and AWS expertise?
  • Do we have to maintain a different standard for cloud software delivery pipelines versus those running on-premises or in hybrid environments?
  • How do we avoid a proliferation of different cloud configurations that aren’t standardized or version-controlled, and that don’t follow our security and compliance procedures?
  • How can we control costs without restricting our Development teams from the cloud resources they need?
  • Do we have the cloud expertise we need to architect and manage cloud-based infrastructure effectively?
Amazon Integrations

The Solution: Accelerate Cloud Migration with XebiaLabs

To run applications on AWS efficiently and securely, you need a platform that orchestrates and streamlines the software delivery pipeline. As an Application Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation solution that is top-ranked by industry analysts, the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides the extra rocket boost enterprises need to launch their applications from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud quickly and at scale. XebiaLabs connects AWS to the DevOps technology stack by orchestrating all of the build, test, provisioning, configuration management, change management, and deployment tools in your software delivery pipeline.

XebiaLabs offers:

  • Automated software delivery orchestration, environment provisioning, application deployment, and DevOps analytics and intelligence, all optimized for enterprise use.
  • Instant application deployment to the cloud and other infrastructures—from mainframes to cloud to container to serverless—through declarative, model-based automation that doesn’t require teams to write or maintain scripts.
  • A software delivery approach that fosters collaboration between technical teams who are comfortable in the cloud and business stakeholders who are responsible for non-technical parts of the release process.
  • Portable application deployment to the cloud that help teams move applications between cloud providers and between public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Control over cloud usage and support for enforcing security and compliance—without sacrificing flexibility for teams that need self-service cloud capabilities.
  • Fully integrated support for all the tools in the DevOps pipeline: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, and hundreds more.
  • Tight integration with AWS services and built-in best practices, so you can maximize the benefits of AWS right from the start.

With XebiaLabs, you can lift and shift applications to the cloud fast—in an automated, standardized, repeatable way—so your DevOps teams can stop worrying about “making the cloud work” and focus on building value-adding features.

Scale Containers in the Cloud with Minimal Overhead

AWS Fargate lets you run containers in the cloud without requiring you to manage servers or clusters. Teams can package an app in a container, specify a few details about the resources that the app requires, and then launch immediately. Fargate automatically provisions the required resources, and as the application runs, Fargate seamlessly scales infrastructure to run it in a highly-available manner.

With XebiaLabs’ built-in support for AWS Fargate, teams can spin up containers in seconds, automatically, as a part of their release and deployment processes. Create standardized Fargate configurations and share them across teams. XebiaLabs also makes it easy to manage costs by providing visibility on Fargate instances that are ready to be torn down.

The Cloud Empowers Built-in Ops for Dev

It can be challenging for Development teams to design cloud-based infrastructure in a way that scales for enterprise needs. AWS Service Catalog allows operations teams to architect, create, and manage approved cloud configurations that Development teams across the organization can self-service provision as needed. Operations can apply their expertise to infrastructure design and retain control over security and resource usage, while Development can take advantage of the flexibility and velocity of the cloud.

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

The world’s only end-to-end DevOps toolchain orchestration and reporting platform is now available on the AWS Marketplace. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform allows you to release virtually any application to a hybrid or AWS environment quickly, flawlessly, and safely at enterprise scale.

Spin Up in the Cloud with AWS Quick Start

The XebiaLabs Quick Start is your one-stop shop for a secure, highly-available, Production-ready installation of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform running on AWS. Start your cloud journey with just a few clicks.

Master AWS Deployments with the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform

Automate application deployment to the cloud, without scripting

XebiaLabs’ declarative, model-based deployment approach enables teams to deploy hundreds of applications, thousands of times per month to the cloud, container platforms, traditional middleware, mainframes, and more. Deployments become highly efficient and highly scalable, with no need for teams to update deployment scripts or write new ones.

Standardize pipelines and enable direct cloud access for all teams

XebiaLabs enables you to create standardized, repeatable pipelines, while providing the freedom and flexibility that teams need when applications, environments, or processes have unique requirements. And XebiaLabs centralizes configuration data to reduce duplicate work and promote reuse of the right cloud configurations.

Gain visibility across applications and technologies

XebiaLabs provides status information and comprehensive reporting across the complete pipeline, so everyone can see how AWS deployments are running and verify which application versions are installed in which environments. Teams can analyze past releases for bottlenecks and areas of risk, and monitor AWS usage to prevent cost overruns caused by unused cloud instances and services.

Lock security and compliance into the release process

With XebiaLabs, you can lock security and compliance checks into the release process, no matter whether you use automated security testing tools, manual security and compliance reviews, or both. XebiaLabs can enforce compliance and security requirements and ensure that teams don’t skip these important steps in the release process.

Implement best practices for containers in the cloud

Containers and the cloud go hand-in-hand to power fast, secure, scalable infrastructure. XebiaLabs’ best-practice blueprints help teams migrate applications to container platforms in the cloud such as Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, and more.

DevOps as Code for AWS

Define the end-to-end software delivery pipeline in code, store it in source control, and apply it manually via the command line or automatically from your CI/CD pipeline. On-board teams to AWS by simply adding a file to each project repository. Combine the power of XebiaLabs’ DevOps as Code and AWS with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform to manage everything needed to run apps in the cloud as code.